Summer Stresses Part II


Part II Sunburn While horses do not seem to me to overly affected by sunburn as such, over the years I have had some with pink noses that have suffered because of the suns rays.
There is nothing worse than your equine friend with a sore cracked nose, not only is it unsightly, but it is with out doubt very painful!

My 'go to' for any number of ailments is sudocrem, and in my view it is the simplest way to sooth sunburnt skin (my children have been lathered in it for various ailments - I should probably have shares in the stuff!).

I have tried many impersonators of this wonderful cream and none have come close to matching its powers! It is easy to put on - although please don't be wearing anything you are remotely precious about- as this cream knows no boundaries with its coverage, and it is one of the most difficult things to wash off! (*see note below) Which is another reason it is the wonder cream - it withstands rain in the field, being dunked in the water trough and rubbing just seems to rub it in rather than off!

Applied regularly sudocrem will not only help to heal cracked and sunburnt skin, but will also protect it from the suns rays. Suntan cream is also useful during these summer months, although I would always use the childrens/hypoallergenic variety - and I would recommend a test patch before lathering on anything new! Fly masks sometimes have nose covers which do help to protect sensitive skin, but for horses out full time masks are not necessarily ideal as can cause rubs and if dislodged can cause more problems than they solve.

Above all, just being vigilant is is easy to spot the first signs of sores, cracks or rubs and treating them immediately can save a huge amount of stress when they get away from you! And if you are in any doubt as to the cause of something please do consult a vet before taking matters in to your own hands!

Enjoy the sunshine!

*If you do find your self with sudocrem on clothes - soda crystals are brilliant -chuck a scoop in your wash in the pre wash department and you may salvage it!

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