How do you negotiate the minefield that is being employed in equestrianism?

How do you negotiate the minefield that is being employed in equestrianism; an industry that for many an employer their horse is their hobby, financed on a shoe string and expecting their groom to do the job for love not money?

Well you don’t have to – there are some exceptionally good jobs out there, well paid, sensible hours and time off, pensions and holiday pay; at Premier Equestrian Recruitment we only deal with employers who understand the importance of employing their groom properly, paying a decent wage and offering decent working conditions.

But, YOU must be well equipped with knowledge and expertise to negotiate yourself a proper wage, and you must be capable of performing the job to the standard that wage will reflect. Be brave enough to know your worth and do not work for an unscrupulous yard that pays less than minimum wage and has no idea about days off. Keep your eye on developments in horse care and new products, keep up to date with any training that you are able to do, and always accept an opportunity to increase your skill set, even if it means extra work, or training after work. In the long run it will make you a more attractive candidate for a ‘TOP JOB’.
Working in any yard you need to be efficient, proficient, and capable of dealing with many different situations. Learning how do perform tasks quickly but properly will elevate you to the status of 'top groom'. Plaiting beautiful plaits, clipping immaculately, pulling a tail are all essential skills in any yard. But little things make all the difference; skipping out religiously (one of my favourites!) brush a tail before going on exercise, always pick out and paint feet, I certainly want my horses to look smart when they are trotting down the road and if you are working for a professional, what you do reflects on them so if you automatically assume every horse must look its best at all times, then you won't go far wrong.

If you are responsible for management of the yard make sure you keep your paper work up to date and tidy, passports with vaccination pages tagged, a calendar with due dates for teeth, vaccinations, backs etc. If you have liveries, a book with billable items, such as shoeing and worming and a book with all the kit that comes with each horse to avoid dramas when it goes home! Whiteboards – every yard should have at least one, we use them for feed lists and leaving notes for each other as well as exercise lists for the yard – SO useful!
With a ‘Top Job’ you will often find accommodation included in your package, which is lovely, as you don't have to travel to work, but be careful that you still get your time off- it can be all too easy to nip in on your day off, and before you know it you are 'just' skipping out or 'just' plaiting one ready for tomorrow- take your day and make it your own!! And while thinking about accommodation - make sure you look after it; keep it clean and tidy, throw the hoover round the straw and shavings that inevitably make their way in, and be proud of your space. If you share with other members of the team, have a rota, and for goodness sake DO THE DISHES!!!! The way you look after your house or flat will reflect on your work in the yard- if you have the mindset to put things away and keep everything tidy this principal will follow you into your workplace as well -elevating you to 'TOP GROOM' status.

Premier Equestrian Recruitment offers advice to job seekers about their interviews- turnout, presentation and conduct, and the secrets on how to be a ‘TOP GROOM' if you are looking for advice from someone with 30 years’ experience working with horses (and their owners!!) Clare can give you a valuable insight in to working in the equestrian industry. With workshops throughout the year to help you polish up your cv and hone your interview technique you can ensure you secure your TOP JOB, for more information or call 07714236765

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