Summer Stresses Part IV

Horse staying hydrated at Gatcombe Festival of eventing

Keeping hydrated…………………not just a thought for the horse! Competing, or even just riding horses during the summer months can provide many headaches, as already mentioned in previous blogs, but a real headache can be self inflicted by not keeping your self hydrated, and I am sure many people have experienced that 4 o’clock head from lack of fluid. If you … Read More

Summer Stresses part III

Clare and Henry

The ground…………and looking after those precious legs Working horses in the summer can provide many challenges, and not the least of which can be the ground. A wet spring followed by a dry spell and poached gateways are turned to rutted ankle breakers for humans and fetlock twisters for horses! I am incredibly lucky to have a TROT ride (Toll … Read More

Summer Stresses Part II

Horse's nose for article about sunburn

  Part II Sunburn While horses do not seem to me to overly affected by sunburn as such, over the years I have had some with pink noses that have suffered because of the suns rays. There is nothing worse than your equine friend with a sore cracked nose, not only is it unsightly, but it is with out doubt … Read More