Don’t forget you……………

Clare and Henry

Obviously the life you have chosen as a top groom, means that you spend practically all of your time (and more often than not, money!) looking after your horse, tending for its every need, and often beyond, but don’t neglect you…………….

To rug or not to rug……….

Evening stables

photo credit Rupert Gibson Photography. Autumn has to be the trickiest time of year for rugging up horses. The evenings turn chilly so quickly and temperatures overnight can soon plummet to frosty depths and then the next morning by 11am it is blazing sunshine. This year is a little more extraordinary than most with the consistent dry sunny days, (please … Read More

How do you negotiate the minefield that is being employed in equestrianism?

How do you negotiate the minefield that is being employed in equestrianism; an industry that for many an employer their horse is their hobby, financed on a shoe string and expecting their groom to do the job for love not money? Well you don’t have to – there are some exceptionally good jobs out there, well paid, sensible hours and … Read More

The hunting season is nigh……

The hunters are back in, all whiskers and spikey manes. Having had his shoes off and out in a field away from home for 8 weeks to chill out Snakey (as he is affectionately known -due to his tendency to chase you around his box with his teeth!!) has had a very relaxing holiday by the look of his tummy! … Read More

Summer Stresses Part IV

Horse staying hydrated at Gatcombe Festival of eventing

Keeping hydrated…………………not just a thought for the horse! Competing, or even just riding horses during the summer months can provide many headaches, as already mentioned in previous blogs, but a real headache can be self inflicted by not keeping your self hydrated, and I am sure many people have experienced that 4 o’clock head from lack of fluid. If you … Read More

Summer Stresses part III

Clare and Henry

The ground…………and looking after those precious legs Working horses in the summer can provide many challenges, and not the least of which can be the ground. A wet spring followed by a dry spell and poached gateways are turned to rutted ankle breakers for humans and fetlock twisters for horses! I am incredibly lucky to have a TROT ride (Toll … Read More