Don't forget you...………...

The life you have chosen as a top groom, means that you spend practically all of your time (and more often than not, money!) looking after your horse, tending for its every need, and often more beyond!

Henry is not too sure about his new bit of kit!

On the market for horses you can find every manner of grooming and pampering assistance, be it from spray to remove stains to technical brushes that ensure your horses coat is glossy and pristine with minimum effort! Me- I am the marketing mans dream, love a new bit of kit! Last week I purchased a massage machine and it is magic! Henry, obviously, was convinced the first time I strapped it on that it was be some form of medieval torture and much snorting and eye boggling ensued! But even he succumbed to the gentle vibrations, and he rather enjoys his half hour session now. I, of course, having read all the bumph, know that this guarantees us a sub 30 dressage and he will swing over all the show jumps and whizz round the cross country because his body will be messaged to perfection, the fact he still has me to contend with will make no odds- victory is clearly ours! Such is my belief in the marketing...……………..but it keeps the marketing bods in work!

My favourite

But, I digress from the true purpose for writing, we spend so much of our time and hard earned money on our equine companions it is easy to neglect ones self! Whilst I have always been good with hand cream, well reasonably good- only once a day, just before getting in to bed I slap on a good dob of Neutrogena. ( the only one in my eyes that is up to the task on outdoor hands!) I have to confess I have been guilty of serious neglect of my skin in the past, the sudden realisation that actually I was becoming rather wrinkly and weathered looking spurred me in to action to use some of the face creams and moisturisers gathering dust in the box on top of the wardrobe- years of Christmas presents that I just never got round to opening! I am now a morning and night devotee to the face cream - and yes I am still pretty wrinkly, but honestly - not so weathered looking! So ladies- and gents don't neglect your self! Slap on the face cream and the hand cream, keep those wrinkles at bay for as long as you can -then you will be able to glow next to your stunningly polished charge.

Breathable waterproofs
Waterproof jodhpurs

Gone are the days of rubber waterproofs that in even the coldest of weathers made you sweat unbearabley!!.The human kit available these days is stunning compared to 30 years ago. The technical materials alone make the woes of the groom, out in all weathers, so much more comfortable. I see pleas for cures for chilblains on social media; over trousers people - the best you can afford or long johns- (great name) but in essence under trousers - lots on the market, from cheap and cheerful to gold plated! I prefer overtrousers...….. just a personal thing, but with advances in technical materials you can find something to help you look after your self while you look after your equine!

Finally gloves - mucking out gloves have been the best invention-and the come in different colours to prevent me and my daughter rowing over whose is whose!! they are great to work in and with out them I feel like I have got a part of me missing! But they certainly help to reduce the cracked knuckles and the ingrained dirt on your fingers which no amount of scrubbing seems to shift! My favoured riding out gloves of the moment are the florescent seal skin ones bought in the sale, not only are they warm and waterproof they are great for waving to say thank you to passing cars - rather more noticeable that a black glove on a murky day!!

Essentially look after your self as well as you look after your horse, which I think means- if you are looking after your self- you can look after your horse - it is the circle of life! Please enjoy, and as one of my recruits is heard to say ''if you do what you love, you'll never have to work another day'' and if you need any advice on finding your self a TOP JOB check out the vacancies directly on or call Clare 07714236765