Privacy Policy

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Premier Equestrian Recruitment (PER) has updated its Privacy Policy to comply with the new GDPR legislation that came into effect May 25, 2018. It will manage, process and store data and images as part of the recruitment process only and the information received from both employers and candidates will continue to be handled sensitively and securely

Information will only be used by PER for the purposes that you have agreed to.

You should remember that details about you (as a candidate ) or the jobs you have to offer (as an Employer) which are that provided to PER will be posted on the Website and, as such, will be accessible worldwide by registered users of the Website. By providing such information, you agree to PER making the information you supply available to third parties in this way.

If at any time you wish to withdraw and/or amend information about you or the jobs you have to offer, you should contact PER by email to, by telephone on +44 (0) 1664 474 874 or by post to PER, 35 Stapleford Road, Whissendine, Oakham Rutland LE15 7HF
The Website may contain links to third party sites. PER has no control over the privacy policies of these sites or their use of data and accepts no liability in relation to your provision of data to such sites.

PER respects your privacy and agrees to abide by the following principles:

Personal information supplied to PER will be treated with respect and in accordance with all applicable UK Data Protection legislation currently in force. PER is registered with the UK Information Commissioner as a data controller with registered number A8354767