That Friday Feeling!

If, like Henry, you have got that Friday feeling and can't wait to get home, spare a thought for all of us for whom Friday is the beginning of a looooong week end working!

Top grooms know that working with horses is not just a job, it's a way of life, and in fact for many it is life! This is even more the case if you have your own horse at work, you will probably have to muck it out before work, ride it during your lunch hour, finish off after work and compete on your day off - so do not come in to this job if you are expecting the run of the mill 39 hours a week, 8 till 5 daily, hours for lunch, with 2 x 15 minute coffee breaks in between and a Friday night throw your hat in the air with a 'see you on Monday' departure from the yard!

It is much more likely to be that after a busy week in the yard, the week end commences with a 4am start, you rushing round feeding, rugging up, booting, loading and mucking out (ready for the return at 9pm!) Then a quick snooze in the lorry (unless of course you are driving- or navigating!) to be followed by a day of tacking up, studding up, washing off and cleaning tack........... what ever discipline you work in, to have your charges out competing is why we do it - to see them looking amazing and performing their hearts out makes us proud.

But this career is not for the feint hearted -long days, week ends away, sleeping in a tent or the lorry, some times weeks away touring with your horses. It is enormous amounts of fun and the reward of seeing your horses doing well is supremely satisfying. You will make great friends and learn so much, but please come in to this profession with your eyes wide open about the level commitment required to be a top groom; the hours of training as well as hours of working in all weathers, early mornings and late nights. You need commitment with a capital C and above all a passion for horses and a great work ethic.

If you have drive and a passion to work with horses and want to forge your self a career as a top groom and need advice on the best way forward for you please contact Clare 07714236765

For school leavers we have a number of yards offering superb apprenticeships with top class tuition and opportunities for potential top grooms #topgroomsinthemaking

Bushy tails!

To keep a tail under control and looking neat and tidy on a horse with coarse bushy hair can be very tricky and time consuming!

Pulling them is often painful for the horse and for your fingers! and frankly if the horse doesn't like it - it can be extremely dangerous!

Over the years I have tried many different methods on tails that are too hard to pull and the video below is a quick guide on how to get a good result in minutes - the secret is simply to keep on top of the job!

Top grooms know that little and often is the best way- and keeping a tail regularly combed or pulled and bandaged for an hour a day can produce enviable results, and it is worth every day taking a look and having a trim/comb before bandaging for an hour. #toptipsfortopgrooms